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June 1, 2021

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June 5, 2021



With the rapid development of finance, information, science and education, medical care, transportation, economy and trade, tourism, etc., as well as the in-depth promotion of smart Guangdong, the integration of industrialization and informationization will deepen. In the future, Guangdong will have strong data production capacity and massive data sources. It will provide a broad platform for big data innovation and artificial intelligence applications, and with the help of various information sensing technologies and information transmission and processing technologies, the state of the managed object (human or object) can be perceived and recognized. The emerging Internet of Things technology and the smart home industry based on the leading advantages of Guangdong Electric Appliances are gradually entering thousands of households.

2021 International Conference on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things and Smart Home (BAIS 2021) will be held in Guangzhou from October 7 to 9, 2021, to promote Guangdong to build a national data application pilot zone and artificial intelligence entrepreneurial innovation cluster to build an international competitiveness. National IoT and Smart Home Comprehensive Experimental Zone.

Accepted papers which meet the conference requirements would be published by IEEE and submitted to EI-Compendex, CPCI (ISTP) for indexing.

Instructions for Authors:

1. The article must be in English, not plagiarized, and no more than one manuscript;

2. All papers will be reviewed by 2-3 peer reviewers, and the review period is about 1-5 days;

3. The General Assembly follows the principle of “submission first, first review, 

    first submission” and publishes in batches.

4. Please submit your papers to official email:


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